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New and in-stock 4" Expandable Corrugated FLEX-Drain installs faster and is perfect for tight spaces and curvy places. 4" Corrugated Flex-Drain is expands to 8', 12', and 25', available solid or perforated. Contractor Grade - exceeds ASTM standards, Bends to 90 degrees. Flexible design adjusts to ground settling keeping joints intact, 4" Flexible T/Y connectors also in-stock.

Featured Product

Trim Smarter with One-Piece VERSAWRAP


The unique design of VERSAWRAP features a product cut with pre-mitered grooves and friction fit inter-locking joints. Wrap smarter, with VERSAWRAP column wraps. No more field cutting four individual joints or miters and struggling to match seams. 


Classic and Raised Panel styles are created from a single piece of VERSATEX cellular PVC with three pre-mitered grooves that fold around the structural post and lock together with a friction-fit lockmiter joint. Just apply your PVC glue, fold the VERSAWRAP around your structural column, secure in place, peel the tape, and walk away. VERSAWRAP(44,66)


Special Offers

Champlain Stone Southbay Quartzite Irregular Flagging 

Southbay Quartzite resembles a sandy beach. Visually smooth yet heavily textured surface with a blend of tan, antique white, ice blue, amber and brown.  Southbay Quartzite Irregular Flagging will enhance any home.

Special offer .215/lb. or $430/ton*

*Offer valid 7/6/17-7/22/17.