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Gold River Alaskan Cedar Decking 

Discover the Beauty of wood with Gold River Alaskan Cedar Decking & Railing. Gold River Alaskan Cedar Decking is white to soft yellow, highly decay resistant, and has a smooth texture. Gold River Alaskan Cedar Decking is kiln dried for dimensional stability. 5/4" x 6" eased edge premium knotty decking and railing is in-stock. We offer deck design service. Let us help you design your outdoor space today.

Featured Product

SCREENEZE® Porch Screening System

Bring indoor living to the great outdoors.TM  SCREENEZE® is a better screening system for the traditional screen porch with span openings up to 150 square feet(3x the norm)allowing you to design, build or remodel the porch that you dream of! SCREENEZE® carries a 10-Year Warranty so that you can rest assured the product will perform as promised. Can be installed on the inside, outside or center of your traditional porch design allowing you to avoid scaffolding during installation. No spline and no staples.  Easy to repair, with SCREENEZE® simply remove the vinyl cap, replace the screen, put the vinyl cap back on and trim the excess screen. 

Special Offers

BOSCH Power Tool Specials  

A great selection of BOSCH Power Tools is on sale just in time for Father's Day. Get this BOSCH POWER BOX 360 Jobsite Stereo with 4-way speakers, subwoofer, aluminum & rubber roll cage, AUX 1 IN Port; AUX 2 IN Port line out, battery-charger bay powered USB Port 4-way power outlets and 12V DC adapter charges cell phones.  Digital media bay plays MP3 players, portable CD Players, SD memory cards and USB thumb drives for only $179. (9913017)