Synthetic Slate Roofing


EcoStar Majestic Slate tiles offer the natural beauty of slate while providing enhanced strength and durability. Featuring a 50-year Gold Star or Limited Materials Warranty, and available with a 100 mph wind warranty, Majestic Slate tiles provide enhanced resistance to harsh weather conditions including wind, driving rain and hail. Manufactured from 80% post-industrial recycled rubber and plastic, Majestic Slate tiles offer an environmentally friendly, lightweight alternative to traditional slate roofing products.




Whether you have a modern home or historic mansion, 1/4" thick Inspire Classic Slate roofing adds splendor, elegance and tradition. Classic Slate not only brings classic style to your home, it is authentically shaped and has textured surfaces and edges. This makes Classic Slate indistinguishable from natural slate - yet it has an even more refined appearance. Classic Slate will not crack, break or delaminate either, standing the test of time better than natural slate. 



Ply Gem Engineered Slate Roofing

Easy to install, unlike natural slate, Ply Gem Engineered Slate shingles are light and don't require additional framing for support. They're practically indestructible. Your roofer can walk on them all day long without damaging them. They don't require special skills or tools. (Nail flanges are designed right into the shingle to make installation simple.) The end result is a professional installation completed in less time.

From charcoal grays and lustrous blacks to silver shades and earth tones, each color is formulated with real slate to produce the most authentic hues. Available in bundles of blended colors, our pre-selected color schemes work together to create a more attractive, artistic look.

In-Stock Plygem Engineered Slate Roofing

12" x 18" Plygem Charcoal (Blend) & Brownstone (Blend) Roofing Tile


7" x 18" Plygem Hip & Ridge Charcoal (Blend) & Brownstone (Blend)