We stock USG Joint Compounds, Tapes and Corners and Base Coat and Veneer Finish Plaster, and associated professional drywall tools. 

Joint Compound, Drywall Tape and Corners


USG Sheetrock® Brand All-Purpose Joint Compound

Qt., 1 Gal. & 4.5 Gal.

A versatile all purpose joint compound providing professional-grade performance. USG Sheetrock® Brand All Purpose Joint Compound combines single-package convenience with good taping and topping performance. Recommended for laminating and repairing cracks in interior plaster and masonry not subject to moisture, this compound features great open time and cold bond, and has smooth and slick properties. This joint compound has achieved GREENGUARD Gold Certification and qualifies as a low VOC emitting material.


USG Sheetrock® Brand Plus 3® Lightweight All Purpose Joint Compound

1 Gal. & 4.5 Gal.

This all-purpose compound weighs up to 30% less than conventional-weight compounds so handling and applying are simpler, easier and faster.



Drywall Tape

         Corner Bead



50 lb. USG Diamond Veneer Finish Coat Plaster and Kalkote Veneer Finish Coat Plaster


50 lb. USG Imperial Veneer Basecoat Plaster and 50 lb. Structo-Lite Smooth Basecoat Plaster