Add the feeling of permanence and elegance to your home with natural stone, brick and pavers. We offer bluestone, granite, mica schist, quarry stone and fieldstone as flagging options. The choice of stone can be carried throughout the entire environment, from flagging, to patio walls, to the exterior and interior of the home. We also offer the complete line of CST products as an attractive alternative to natural stone.


Belgium Block

Mini, Regular & Jumbo Black Granite Belgium Block 


Mini, Regular & Jumbo Salt & Pepper Granite Belgium Block

Bluestone Flagging


1" & 1-1/2" Cut Pattern Full Color Bluestone


1" & 1-1/2" Irregular Full Color Bluestone
Approx. 1.5 ton/pallet
Yield for 1" = 100 sq. ft./ton on average
Yield for 1-1/2" = 85 sq. ft./ton on average


1 1/2" Thermal Blue Bluestone


1-1/2" Thermal Full Color Bluestone


Large Unit Irregular Bluestone Landing Stone


Bluestone Steps & Treads, Granite Treads & Marble Steps 


2" Bluestone Blue Thermal Treads 6", 12", 14" 16", 18", 20" and 24" Widths


6" x 18" x 4'-6' Bluestone Thermal Quarry Step


Vintage Bluestone Step


Goshen Stone Step 


Kodiak Granite Treads


Marble Step


Natural Quarry Step

Granite & Travertine Flagging

Kodiak Granite Cut Pattern


Redland Canal Street Pavers 


Southbay Quartzite Irregular


1-1/4' Travertine French Pattern Gold


1-1/4" Travertine French Pattern Silver


1-1/4" Travertine French Pattern White

Small & Large Landing Stone 

Small & Large Landing Stone

Natural Stone Steps


Actual product color may vary from photo. We encourage you to stop at our Stone & Masonry Center in Hillsdale, NY to see a sample before placing your order.