Lemieux doors will process your custom order quickly and efficiently, delivering a new door that's a true reflection of you, and gives your home that perfect final touch you're looking for.

You can design that custom style door that reveals your personality and personal touch for your home. The options are endless. You can start with a basic design and make it all your own. You can change anything you want.

All that's left is to admire the exceptional results. It's that easy!


Lemieux offers Premium Exterior Wood Doors in their Torrefied Series.  The torrefaction process is an all-natural process where wood is heated over time to eliminte its tendancy to rot.  The process makes the wood far more structurally stable and highly resistanct to heat, cold and moisture.  Available in Select Grade Douglas Fir, Brazilian Mahogany and Paint Grade Poplar.  No overhang required.  Every Lemieux Torrefied Series Exterior Wood Door carries a 20-year warranty against warping, twisting, rotting and delamination.