Think with Logix.  Logix offers complete construction solutions and the greatest convergence of resilience, sustainability and comfort. Only LOGIX offers a choice of web type, foam type, cavity thickness and panel thickness. With LOGIX, designers have more freedom to create. LOGIX is also the most solid and easiest ICF product to install.


building processLOGIX 150

The science inside.

Logix ICFs have turned simplicity into a science. Its straightforward assembly is easy to learn and even easier to put into practice, while its design flexibility is an architect's dream. See for yourself – there really isn't much more than meets the eye:

logix3 150

Intuitive assembly: The hollow Logix blocks simply stack together.

Continuous foam insulation: Two thick, continuous Logix Pro foam panels envelope the home or building to provide an effective wall assembly R-Value of R-25. (Higher R-values are available with Logix Platinum Series and XRV Panels.)

Varying cavity widths: Build walls with a steel-reinforced concrete core from 4" to 12" thick. 

Low air infiltration: The Logix wall assembly delivers up to 60% lower air infiltration than a traditionally built wall.1 This feature adds to the thermal performance of the foam insulation, and makes the home even more draft-free and comfortable.

5-day thermal lag: The Logix concrete core also provides a 5-day thermal lag.2 The thermal performance of the home is enhanced yet again.

Exceptional soundproofing: The concrete core significantly reduces the penetration of outside noise.


Technical Information