Herrington's strives to provide natural granite and quartz stone veneers native to the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions.  If your design and architectural choices run to the "Old New England" look, we have the stone that will meet your tastes.  If you prefer a more formal feel, Herrington's offers native granites in full-bed veneers for the exterior of your home and sawn- thin veneers for the interior spaces and elements to bring the outside inside. These same Granites and Quartzites are available for your landscaping designs as well.

Full Size Veneer
Thin Veneer
Flats & Corners





Adirondack Granite Ashlar Thin Veneer 


Adirondack Granite Squares & Recs Veneer 


American Mist Veneer 





Blue Mountain Granite Ashlar Veneer


Blue Mountain Granite Squares & Recs Veneer 



Bluestone Split Edge Strip Thin Veneer - Blue 


Bluestone Split Edge Strip Thin Veneer-Full Color 

Dolph Pond Granite Thin Veneer




Field Stone Thin Veneer Modular Rise


1" - 1-1/2" Field Stone Ashlar Thin Veneer 




Hawthorne Ashlar Veneer 


Hudson Blend Veneer


Old New England Veneer 


Robinson Thin Brick Veneer English Pub


Southbay Quartzite Mosaic Thin Veneer and Full Bed Veneer


Weathered Quarry Natural & Broken Edge Thin Veneer



Please note: Actual product color may vary from photo. We encourage you to stop at our Stone & Masonry Center in Hillsdale, NY to see a sample before placing an order.