We offer Western Red Bevel (aka Clapboard) Cedar Siding produced from high quality Clear Vertical Western Red Cedar.  And Western Red Cedar Shingles and White Cedar Shingles. Western Red Cedar Siding has long been the favored siding choice in the North East due to its natural beauty and outstanding stability. 

Western Red Bevel Cedar Siding

WRC Bevel Siding: CVG 1/2" x 6" & 1/2" x 8" 

Primed WRC Bevel Siding: Factory-primed on all six surfaces. CVG & AYE 1/2" x 6" 

FJ Primed WRC Bevel Siding: Factory-primed on all six surfaces. CVG (16' only ) & AYE 1/2" x 6"

Special Order Bevel in a Box: FJ Primed WRC Siding in a box. Factory primed Bevel in a Box clapboard siding saves a time-consuming and costly coating step on the jobsite. It's no longer necessary to wait for a break in the weather to prime and topcoat real Western Red Cedar Siding.  Bevel in a Box cedar siding is engineered from Clear Heart Vertical Grain Western Red Cedar. CHVG solid WRC segments are assembled through a high-tech process to create virtually invisible, precision fitted "finger" joints that are actually stronger and more weather-resistant than the surrounding wood. Bevel in a Box siding is always 100% 1/2"x 6"x 16’ lengths packaged in a heavy duty box to ensure that the siding remains protected on the jobsite.


Western Red Cedar & White Cedar Shingles



Coverage per Bndl.


18" #1 WRC R&R* Shingle

1 sq. ft. at 14" Exposure


16" WH Cedar Extra R&R*

4 sq. at 5" Exposure 

* Rebutted and rejointed, sawn on all 4 sides to insure square butts and parallel edges for superior apperance on sidewall applications.

Dimensions are nominal dimensions.