For performance and longevity, look to Herrington's for quality Hand-Selected Eastern White Pine Trim Boards.  We stock Clear EWP, D-Select EWP, #2 Pine, and Finger-Jointed Primed EWP.  Lumber delivery service is free within our service area.


Eastern White Pine Boards 


SUPERD® Select Eastern White Pine-S4S

No splits, face stain, warp
Minimal reverse face wane



SUPERFinish® Pine-S4S 

No splits, holes
Minimal to no wane 
No face stain




Primed EWP Boards 


SUPERPRIME FingerJoint Primed Eastern White Pine-S4S

100% usable
2 Prime Coats (1 coat latex over 1 coat oil)
Sanded between coats

 All dimensions are Nominal Dimensions.